Prevention and safety officer

The Security Agent has for mission:
-General supervision
-Basic technical safety
-Relief and Assistance to persons
-Protection and alert in the event of accident or exceptional event
-To ensure the protection and safety of goods, premises, technical equipment and possibly people (in a shopping mall, for example).

The prevention and safety officer fills a role that is to deter malicious acts: theft, damage, attacks...
To do this, it monitors a place either held in a fixed position or by making rounds in the premises.
He knows the location of the facilities to monitor and check the proper functioning of the means of prevention set up.
Guarding of buildings, offices, car parks:
It ensures compliance with the regulation of a housing complex, a centre for business or parking.
It provides or coordinates the daily services due to residents, employees, owners.

Canine drivers

Constable driver Canin is a Prevention and security officer who works with a dog trained to facilitate and carry out its missions.

The Agent driver Canin missions are:

-Round of surveillance to prevent acts of malice (theft, destruction...) and ensure the protection of persons and property entrusted to him
-Control and site monitoring and perimeters determined such as car parks, warehouses...

It carries out missions of deterrence and may intervene in the legal framework for its functions.

* Agent SSIAP.
The fire safety officers ensure the prevention and safety in establishments receiving the public (ERP) and buildings of great height (IGH).

Missions Agent SSIAP:
-fire prevention
-the awareness of the employees of the site safety fire
-Elementary maintenance of equipment
-the alert and reception of relief
-the evacuation of the public
-early response to fire
-assistance to persons


  • MD2 groups has also a device to ensure interventions on alarm. This device consists of a hotline and an intervenor.
  • The intervener has in his possession a vehicle identified MD2, adequate equipment (jacket, cuff and warrants intervention), and the access codes of the sites where it intervenes where appropriate.
  • The hotline is directly connected to different monitoring companies. These join the surge with one of their customer. Immediately a specific work procedure starts.
  • The intervener is warned, he immediately went on site. On the spot, he made a round of security, he made a report to the hotline. He established a right of intervention. He is required to stay put until the arrival of a competent person (police or client) If a break-in is detected. A report is made in remote monitoring by the hotline.