About us

Information on the company MD2 groups

The creation of the MD2 Groupements SARL began on March 12, 2004 and its head office is located in the tertiary and leisure center the Great Pyramid in Istres in the Bouches du Rhône.

  •  Our policy is focused on the quality of its services to its customers.
  •   Our aim is to constantly improve our quality of services in order to obtain the complete satisfaction of all our customers


  • monitoring (post agent)
  • Mobile Security (round, interventions)
  • guarding (security guard canine)
  • the events (specialized security guard, access control, filtering, female security guard.
  • Fire Safety (SSIAP 1,2,3)


Md2 securivar is a company specialized in all areas of security:  security officers, drivers Canins, SSIAP 1,2 & 3